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(937) 708-0300

Jamestown Youth Wrestling is a USA Wrestling chartered club and feeder club for Greeneview High School Wrestling. Our goal is to introduce the sport of wrestling to kids ages 5-12, and to provide them an opportunity to learn the sport from experienced coaches, gain skills, and participate at all levels of competition offered in youth wrestling should they so desire.

The youth "Folkstyle" wrestling season starts in early November and runs through mid-February. We practice 3 times per week. Competitions are generally held on Sundays and last 3-4 hours.

Wrestling develops strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed, awareness, and endurance. Additional benefits of wrestling include self-satisfaction, independence, discipline, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and is an excellent complement to other sports.


* Practices are INTENSE and CHALLENGING

* Wrestlers are grouped by age and weight and if possible experience
* Matches consist of three 1-minute periods for youth ages
Matches are one-on-one
* EXPERIENCED and INEXPERIENCED wrestlers are welcome

The Jamestown Youth Wrestling is NOT affiliated with the Greeneview School District